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These are the favorite art pieces of our members. You may submit one per day. They are accepted based on quality and originality.


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UPDATE! You are all allowed to send the santee your gift when it is ready! :) I figured it would be easier for everyone
Due to a lack of being able to host art contests, I have decided that THERE WILL BE a Secret Santa this year! I will even participate because  I am making more time for art!

>>>>You guys will receive your santees shortly! <<<<<

Request Deadline: November 12th, 2014 at 10 PM EST
(updating journal currently as far as applicants go)
Art Deadline: December 24th, 2014 10 PM Eastern Time (United States: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc time) so I can deliver the gifts!

SO! Here are the rules!

:pointr: 1. Must be family friendly art!
:pointr: 2. You don't have to request dragons
:pointr: 3. Must be a member of the group
:pointr: DO NOT send it to the group or post it to DA UNTIL after the 25th of December!
:pointr: YOU MUST NOT tell anyone who you got!
:pointr: :new: TO THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE! Please message me ahead of time if you don't have time to work on your project because of personal or important reasons! That way I can arrange something for the person you got!! Thanks!!!! :new:
How to get involved:

Send Ectoplasmic-Slug a note containing the following:

:bulletblue: 1. A list of things you would like done (includes favorite fantasy creatures, interests, colors, other things, or a character you designed, etc)
:bulletgreen: 2. A list of what you do not want to see


1. Ectoplasmic-Slug My character Zataria… <3
2. RusCSI I would like to have this character… drawn with any set of wings (avian, bat-like, mixed (1 avian, 1 bat-like)) or even wingless (if Secret Santa can't do wings), preferably in a dark setting (since he is a demon), but the Santa is welcome to try any other, of course ^^
3. MegzWills A full body drawing of either of these characters, can be doing whatever c:…… I don't want any gore, violence or hate art:P
4. Tomek1000 i would like one of my Dragons drawn:……, or the white dragoness you can see in my comic…
5. BlackDragon152 I would like my character Kantzana drawn ( ). Its open to creativity but I don't want headshots or anything really dark colour wise.
6. VenusRain I'd like basically any dragon as long as it's not humanoid. If the Secret Santa is familiar with Dragon Cave (, I'd love a drawing of one of the Holiday breeds. Other mythological creatures are also fine, as long as they aren't humanoid.
7. Bahogar My character would be my OC, named Bahogar ( I would like a fullbody of him with a background. Note to Santa: you can change his design if you want to, as long as it stays reasonable. I'd gladly like what you'd come up with! Open to creativity, and most important, have fun!
8. DraconiaIstra What i'd like done:
My character Aivlis (… or her with (… (yes, she does still have the scars I just tend to forget)
9. UMSAuthorLava 1) Damian (…… 2) Nankoro Ryuto (…… 3) Reginald Voiebrume (… 4) Aren (…
10. meroaw I'd like a picture of… ! It would be cool if she was doing some sort of magic too. But if not, thats okay!
11. blacky91 I'd love to either see this dragon drawn (… or this OC (… with Crowley from Supernatural (… as chibis in a love/hate relationship... or just a loving one, I'm not fussy:
The only things I don't want to see is any of the basic design being changed.
12. xHybridus I would love to see any of my characters colored and doing anything you can see them doing as long as its not gore-y or super violent. Just have fun!
Refs ->
13. BossMushroom I would like this character (either form) drawn. (… (…
14. Tiffashy I want my OC drawn, (…. She could be as an dragon, wolf, anthro, human. She can be drunk, happy, angry, violent, innocent, submissive, fighting against the drawer's oc, anything. What I don't want to see: I don't want her dying. xD
15. Marl1nde 1. what i would like to see: Azrak (…, Isranul (…, the derpy dragon (… or Marlinde[only human Oc] (… (… in christmas mood stuff~~
DRAGONS ARE AWESOME. 2. what i don't want to see? well, nudity is already on the list XD other than that, i don't want to see the characters....out of character XP
16. InvidiaS I like Dragons, anything to do with Egypt, lions, any of my characters especially Idis (… . 2. A list of what you do not want to see: Keep it clean otherwise I don't mind.
17. dashsteel Something with a Tolkien dragon, any one you like. Some options: Smaug the Golden, Scatha the Worm, Glaurung Father of Dragons, Ancalagon the Black. The latter is the largest dragon ever to exist in Middle-Earth and shattered a mountain range in his death throes.
18. Shadow-Saphirae 1. I'd like one of my characters drawn: (… (… (…
I'm open to all sorts of creativity. 2. Just nothing nude or gore.
19. Fox7XD I'd love any two of my dragons -> Reydu being a goofball or stuffing his face with fruit (…
or Lofty enjoying playing in water or something else cute (his color is white but light reflects off his scales ;D have fun) (… or (…
20. Lyhtypylvas I would like a drawing of Eskil (… Winter/Christmas theme would be lovely but Santa is welcome to use a different theme. c:
21. CuggleMuffin Either my adopted character (… (may be drawn as a dragon if they wish), or a Gryphon (no character in mind, just whetever they come up with).
22. DragonLegend13 I wold like my character Moeras drawn (… in a scene that has water(lake, sea, river etc) night or day I don't mind :) Please no blood or gore
23. shade730 I would like it to be of my character: (…
What would be awesome with him if his wings had gone tattered an he is roaming from somewhere and such since he is a lonely person. But nothin sexual or vulgar or anything majorly firey not anything that is hatin on somethig, no gender swapping either.
24. SharrdriderofVulken I'd love to see a drawing of any of my Dragon Booster OC characters, dragon or human, or both (Link for references: ( sharrdriderofvulken.deviantart… ) Also any drawings/ paintings of my dragon Valkyria would be very much welcome. (Link for her reference: ( sharrdriderofvulken.deviantart… ) and if those aren't really a good fit then any dragon in your own personal style is cool too. What I don't want to see is anything inappropriate at all. Other than that I don't care if it's traditional, digital, or whatever else you can come up with. I'm not too picky.
25. Carryn What I like: hm, dragons, real ones, not the humanoid ones.
Fairies, unicorns, most of the cheery fantasy creatures.
Colors: pastels, wine, all purples, and all blues.
What I don't want: anything not family friendly as already stated
Look through my gallery to see what I have. I do have some OC's from my stories I have written. You can find them in my gallery as well.
Thanks in advance.
26. Cayshax Cipiel ref (…
I am wanting a picture of this dragon, doesn't have to be anything specific but I do want whoever draws it to spend time on drawing the character and put effort into it, I don't want to see the character with a plain expression and no background. Give it meaning! :) I don't care about your art skills just that you put time and thought into it.
27. Knight-Of-God My dragon Frozen OC Birger hanging out in Arendelle. Anything would be good: either him looking grand (he is the guardian after all), or something silly or cute. All is good! :D If the Santa can include Elsa, that would be grand. :meow: References are here:…
28. VaylerSilv 1. I want to see my Vayl full body in any setting (action, atmospheric or calm settings, make choice or combine them if you want)…
2. No gore or much of blood.
29. Fucal I had two characters, so the artist can chose what he/she like more to draw :D……
it would be cool if there´s no violence in the picture, because both characters are peaceful. And a background would be great (even a simple one :D )
30. SamuraiDragon I can offer a coloured sketch to the secret santa :) I'd like to join.

As for me, the dragon form of my character would be awesome. Below is the ref:…
31. oragamiknight Love to receive any drawings of a dragon that is a hoarder of antiques or hoarder of origami.
32. Mspugluver a - My boyfriend and my dragon cuddling by a fire under a blanket or kissing under the mistletoe: Mine:… His:…
b -… chilling in the snow or on a cliff. or drinking cocoa
c - The same dragons from A but playing with the snow with their daughter seen here:… she's smaller though. I wouldn't like anything that looks anime, otherwise anythings good
33. ArrogantFinch What I would like to see: A young griffin in a wintery type setting would be awesome!
What I don't want to see: A lump of coal. :'(
34. Rylucius I would like either of the my OCs:…………………
This is just optional idea: I would also like someone dressed them in something different from their normal attire like in festival kimonos or Christmas/wintery theme or just anything really nice looking. Just be creative with anything meaningful. Another optional idea I would like to see Rylus dressed as Alvin from Tales of Xillia (… and Ari dressed as Alisha from Tales of Zestiria (…

What I don't want: Normal dragon appearances (i.e.: on four legs). Keep it around PG-13 or rated "T" or under. No skimpy clothing.
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