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These are the favorite art pieces of our members. You may submit one per day. They are accepted based on quality and originality.


Send Us A Note!


Have Any Of The Following? :

:bulletblue: A comment/feedback?
:bulletgreen: A question
:bulletblue: A complaint?
:bulletgreen: A suggestion?
:bulletblue: A contest that needs our support?
:bulletgreen: Open Commissions?
:bulletblue: Anything else that needs attention?

-->>Send us a note! <<--

:pointr: Sending the group a note is totally gopod! :dummy: Everything you have to say is important to us, so hearing your powerful voices will help us greatly in supporting you and making things better for the group itself.

Group Colors:

:pointr: Blue :bulletblue:, Green :bulletgreen:, & Black :bulletblack:


:bulletblue: "So Totally Gopod" ("Gopod" meaning "Good")

Latest Update: Sunday, September 8th 9:35 PM 2013

How to Join:

:bulletgreen: It's pretty simple actually. Anyone can join, but you have to make sure you read the rules first as to ensure your success in the group. :)

:blahblah: The Very Simple Rules:

~Please read them carefully. :) If your art does not follow these rules upon submission, it will be automatically declined. I know that there are a lot of rules, but they are pretty simple to follow. And feel free to ask any questions concerning the rules and what's allowed! Do not, however, ask why your work was declined. All the possible reasons are detailed in the rules.

:bulletblue: All submissions must be sent to the "Member Submissions" folder and art for contests goes to the folders that indicate the specific contests. Do NOT submit to the "Featured Favorites" folder!

:pointr: 1) Dragons only. Any art that we receive are only Dragons or anything related to dragons. We Do Not Accept Art That Looks Like A Human In A Costume. Anthro designs that look more human than dragon will be declined.
:pointr: 2) 2 submissions per week.
:pointr: 3)  NO LINE PAPER! Art must now be finished and neat. No wrinkles. However, if you only have access to a camera, overshadowing is ok. We realize that not everyone has access to a good scanner and camera. :happybounce:
:pointr: 4) No art work that contains sexual themes or mocks other Deviants. ARTISTIC nudity is fine. NO vore.
:pointr: 5) White space must not dominate your drawing. If so, please crop it out so your drawing is focused on better. So, it is not too small to see.
:pointr: 6) If its a dragon, put that in the description so the admins can accept it. If it doesn't look like a dragon and it doesn't say that it's a dragon (or half dragon) in the description, we wont accept it.
:pointr: 7) NO WIPS (works in progress, unfinished art). All art must be completed
:pointr: 9) Art theft will NOT be tolerated. To help us, please report any kind of stolen art that had/has been submitted to the group.
:pointr: 10) Do not post advertisements on the page. Seek permission first. Thanks :aww:
:pointr: 11)DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR OWN WORK INTO THE FEATURED FOLDER. The folder is for those who wish to make someone else's art known. :) Not for your art, but for someone you admire. However, it IS under quality control, so only high quality art is accepted. Every kind of art (realistic, cartoon, comic, abstract, and etc) is judged based on the creativity and skill of the media used. ALSO, if you wish to make someone known to the world, write a NOTE to the group containing the following:
:pointr: 12 Photography 1-> Made a trip somewhere else in the world and found a cultural dragon statue or a historical piece of dragon art!? Take a picture of your adventure/find and submit it. :) Just be sure to list the location and country of your discovery. (Photos must be based in public parks, buildings, and out-in-public-statues.) They cannot be tiny little statues found in shops. Must be somehow historical to the town/place it is found in. Be sure to describe everything you learned on the description of the deviation.
~Photography 2 -> photography of anthrocon, comicon, and furcon dragons are allowed! :) Have a suit? Sport it in some creative photography! No selfies! Acception based on quality and creativity.

:bulletblue: Just saying, but it's not our fault if you don't read the rules or refuse to obey them. Not trying to be rude, but it's true. There is a reason behind every rule. If you intend in professing in the art career, you must learn about copyright laws and professionalism, and ABIDE by them.


:blahblah: Adoptables Folder Rules:

:pointr: 1. Can be point adoptables, cash adoptables, and draw to adopt creations
:pointr: 2. NO HUMAN-LIKE ADOPTABLES (however,anthro is an acception, but if it's more human than creature, it will be declined)
:pointr: 4. Only mythological and fantasy creations
:pointr: 5.  All non-adoptables will be declined and asked to submit it to another folder!

------->>>> I, Ectoplasmic-Slug, will be the one overseeing this folder :) So, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! They shall be answered! :3

Please Note:

You have to be a member in order to submit. Do keep in mind that submissions are not automatically approved! Prove yourself worthy, Dragon Master!
This blog was specifically made to help advertise our members. It also helps those who are searching for artists. This spot doesn't have to have just dragon artists either. It can be for any artists who follow DA rules.

Latest Update: Monday. June 16th, 2014

-->>Please Read: For anyone who wishes to be on the list, please send a note containing the following information:

Commissions For:
Payment Method:
Commission Info: (link to commission information)
Cause: (Your reason)
Examples: (two examples of your best work)

--->> 20 :points: for a  month. Points are going towards being a Super Group again! Send points to Ectoplasmic-Slug

:iconmarl1nde: Advertisement ends July 16th, 2014
Commissions For: mainly dragons, other stuff is welcome as well though. always fun ^^
Payment Method: :points:
Commission Info: it's all on my profile page. clay comissions are closed at the moment though
Cause: i wish to raise points for future contests and possibly giveaways
the shadow by Marl1nde photobomb by Marl1nde

:iconsonsationalcreations: Advertisement ends July 16th, 2014
Commissions For: Statue or Poseable art doll/plush/backpack
Payment Method: paypal
Commission Info: sonsationalcreations.deviantar…
Cause: It is my dream to make a living out of art, and as school holidays are coming up soon I m going to have a lot of free time :)
Poseable Dragon non-backpack! by SonsationalCreations Elemental Box Dragons by SonsationalCreations

:iconscantraxx27: Advertisement ends July 17th, 2014
Commissions For: Digital Art! I'm mostly drawing dragons, but can also do other stuff like Pokémon, Animals and much more! :)
Payment Method: :points: or USD
Commission Info: Find the commission info on my profile on the left side!
Cause: To improve my skills! :3
[Commission] Nice warm out here! by ScanTraxx27[Gift] You're the best! by ScanTraxx27
You can find more examples in the commission info or just take a look at my gallery! :)

:iconanutwyll: Advertisement ends August 17th, 2014
Commissions For: mostly dragons, humans and fantasy creatures also accepted
Payment Method: PayPal or Points, but cash is better
Commission Info:…
Cause: I need money to keep studying at the Academy I'm currently attending
CE - Always by your side by Anutwyll Inferno by Anutwyll AT: Nidhoggr by Anutwyll

:icongrenyol: Advertisement ends July 17th, 2014
Commissions For: Digital or traditional pictures - sketches, busts, line arts, full colour and full colour with background
Payment Method: Paypal only on full colour and details upwards, points for sketches, busts and line arts
Commission Info:…
Cause:  I love to draw! It would be so nice to draw art for people of their characters or requests. I actually enjoy drawing art for other people over myself :3
Wake up and face me by Grenyol Fold Hydra by Grenyol

:icondracoice: Advertisement ends July 17th, 2014
Commissions For: Digital art! I do anthromorphic dragons and humans (Anime). Chibis, Pokemon and full character artwork. Details in my commission info!
Payment Method: Paypal only.
Commission Info:…
Cause: For fun. >w< Also saving up for some games coming later this year!
Burn 'em All by DRACOICE Raiden by DRACOICE

Commissions For:
Payment Method:
Commission Info: (link to commission information)
Cause: (Your reason)
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Here are other groups that may catch your interest and certainly deserve checking out. :heart:

Please visit their artists and galleries as well! :aww:

:bulletgreen: Affiliation Requests are open.


Here are our admins and they're in charge. :D
These guys are the ones who vote on the artwork and members coming in. They ensure that nothing goes amiss here. If you have any suggestions or concerns, they are the ones you should contact.










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