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EDIT So sorry things are going slow right now. I suddenly end up having to go to the hospital. I got diagnosed with minor upper respiratory infection. I feel a little better from yesterday, but I still have to take it easy. So I may end up being a little sluggish cuz I'm still pretty sick. Dont worry, I have medicine that'll help my lungs and I'm taking care of myself. I'll continue doing my best for this group with this contest. All I ask is for you to bear with me and also rely on my fellow admins to help out as well. I'll be ok ^-^

Heyooo everyone! Are you all ready to face your fears this upcoming Halloween? >:3 Well, prepare yourselves, cuz I'm about to toss in a spoopy scary contest in your face! Its DOUBLE the horror this time round! >8D This is your host, SargeantSweety and welcome to...


OK! The contest this Halloween features, you guessed it, dragon designs based on your worst fears! Doesnt that get your skin crawling just thinking about your phobia in a shape of a dragon? .____. I can already imagine mine and its probably gonna haunt me in my nightmares later T___T

This contest idea was inspired by one of my all time favorite tv shows, 'Face Off' ( as :devbumbleraven: mentioned before ). No, I'm not talking about the movie, but the tv series featured on the Syfy channel. For those who dont know, the series is a competition between artists, who specialized in the special effects makeup department, compete against one another to see who makes the best costumes based on whatever theme the judges gives them pretty much. Its definitely a great show, and fun to see the works that the artists create at the end. If you're into special effects makeups and like intense competitions, I suggest you check it out. You can find the series online as well X3

Ok, onto the important info!!


The judges shall use the same categories the judges in the show used: Originality, Creativity, Technique, and an extra I'm adding, Fear Meter. The Fear Meter will be determined using the 1:5 ratio. If it makes shivers go our spines, its definitely a 5, get what I mean? Try your best to scare us!

Our judges for this contest will be:

Our supreme ruler of this awesome group, TheBumbleRaven herself :D
One of our newest admins Nocturnaliss
And our other newest admins MaskedDragonNamedLin

UPDATE 10/8/2017 8:43AM: All entries must be submitted to this specific folder:…


1. The dragon design must be based of your OWN, PERSONAL fear/ one elses >:3 The contestants on the 'Face Off' series have done the same thing when they came up with phobia themed costumes. Who knows, maybe you'd be able to confront your fears this way X3

2. You may use visual medias whether they be digital, or traditional means. You could add some creepy details in your descriptions if you like. It could raise the Fear Meter if its scary enough

3. Backgrounds of course may be added since they can really add the fear atmosphere, but make sure it doesnt obscure your dragon too much so the judges can see them enough to ...well....judge them lol

4. Up to 3 submissions can be done since I understand that people have more than a couple of fears/phobias. However, only one will be picked as a winner :)

5. Lets keep our entries nice and clean peeps! Its important to showcase contest entries nicely, dont you think? :)

6. Of course lets keep under DA guidelines as well our group rules.

7. Art theft will NOT be tolerated whatsoever. Anyone who gets caught submitting a stolen/copied/traced piece will be automatically disqualified, and banned from this group altogether.

8. Lets also be sure to get along! Please do not harrass or bully one other. This is supposed to be a fun, festive, friendly competition. We dont want any kind of drama to suddenly explode in the group. If theres a problem with a member, or even an admin, because sure admins can screw up too, please send a note, but also some form of proof, such as a screenshot and we'll be right on it like vultures to a carcass!

9. Most importantly, we want you to have fun with this. We are giving you enough time to start and finish your submissions. No pressure whatsoever! GO CRAZY!!


You have until the end of November, the 30th, so you'll have enough time to get it all done ^^


:bulletpurple: 1st Place

Two free custom designs of your choice from the adopt account P0NDAP0N , and one picture of your character w/o a background by SOMMY-OF-BRERO

A full body, cell shaded character with simple backdrop by MaskedDragonNamedLin

:bulletpurple: 2nd Place

One free custom design of your choice from the adopt account P0NDAP0N by SOMMY-OF-BRERO

A full page drawing with 1 or 2 dragons with watercolor background by Lapazluzee Ex:

:bulletpurple: 3rd Place

A dragon sketch or head drawing by TheLunaDiviner  ex:: &

A dragon headshot by Lapazluzee Ex:
Entry now closed

Hello my fellow dragon fanatics! I'm new as an admin here, but I'm proud to bring you this event! I know it's a little late, but better late then never! A lot of people around here are fond of Halloween, and as the first part of our duo event, I wanted to bring you guys something a little different than the usual competition. In this, it's not about winning, it's about festive spirit and interaction among the members of this group. I'll lay a simple format below which one can include in a comment below for those interested, and under it I'll explain in depth about participating for those who want to know more.

To enter, comment on this journal with the following information:

    1. (link to a character sheet)
    2. I would like something (cute*/macabre).
    3. (some light suggestions of what you'd want and/or pointers)
    4. I would like to draw something (cute*/macabre) OR I would be fine drawing cute or macabre.

*If you choose cute, you must say what you believe is cute. Example: I don't find pusheen to be cute/ I find less simplified styles to be cute.

*If not enough people enter, the two categories may be discarded for the sake of carrying out the event.

   A lot of people enjoy Halloween for the ghouls and horror aspects, though some enjoy it for different things, so I wanted to distinct two different categories in consideration for that. For those who like the scary aspects, we have macabre, which will include the horror aspects of the holiday (blood, malicious phantoms, ect, please use mature filters where they apply) , and for people who either aren't comfortable drawing those things or enjoy different aspects of the day, we have cute, which would include more benign and lighthearted things (pranks, trick-or-treating, costumes, ect). In 2 you can specify what you want your character depicted as so you get something you enjoy receiving, and in 4 you can specify what you'd be happy to draw for someone else, or if you are fine either way. This way we can match up people to optimize how happy people will be with this event as a whole.

   The way this will work is that those participating will be given a random person to make art for, and no one will know who is drawing for them until the piece is put up so that it'll be a surprise. The sorting will be handled by admins, and the person you will be making art for and their details will be noted to you. Make sure the reference you offer shows your character sufficiently so the other person can reference color accurately won't have a hard time working off of it, additional information about them (like personality or powers) in the description would be helpful but not necessary- refs must be visual and not written-only. Also, while you can make suggestions for the artist, please try not to be overbearing, it's light-hearted and completely voluntary of them to do this- it is a suggestion, so they don't have to follow it.

   If you decide to participate, please make sure that you will be able to fulfill your half of the exchange, we want to ensure that everyone involved has fun and gets something for the effort they put in. Further, please make sure to put a decent amount of effort into your half of the exchange- we can't make you do so, but the more everyone puts into it, the more everyone will enjoy it! Skill level isn't what's important, just that you put your mind to making something good. No sketches or lazily thrown together pieces please. A lot of people make a lot of busts for their pieces, but I would encourage you to at least do half-bodies for the half you are responsible for. If something occurs after you have entered that makes you unable to complete it, please inform us as soon as possible.

The deadline to enter is the 20th of October.

After this date, everyone will be assigned a character to draw and will have until mid-November to finish their half.

Art will be posted on the 20th of November.

Please wait until this day to put up your part! However, if you have a busy schedule that prevents you from posting then, please submit between the 15th and the 24th of November.

If you have any questions about this event, don't hesitate to ask, we'll answer them as soon as we can!

Hello, Everyone! I've been really behind on introducing our new admins! I chose two instead of one! ;p One of them in a long time, great friend of mine and the other is a sweet, artistic lady with fantastic ideas!!

Say hello to Nocturnaliss and MaskedDragonNamedLin !!!!!!! :la:

So, in celebration and in light of our favorite holiday coming up (HALLOWEEEEENN!!!!!!), we have two events for you we know you'll have fun with!! Ideas brought together by our very own Second-In-Command SargeantSweety and our new friend MaskedDragonNamedLin!

1. AN ART CONTEST!!! The contest is to challenge folks to create dragon designs based on their own fears and phobias! Dude, I might even enter this one, just for the fun. :XD: The idea was inspired by one of her top favorite shows "Face Off", which was one of mine, too. I miss being able to watch it. Boo. :XD: Idea brought up by SargeantSweety

2. SECONDLY!!! A HALLOWEEN INSPIRED ART EXCHANGE!! LIKE A SECRET SANTA, BUT COOLER!! :la: Idea brought to you by MaskedDragonNamedLin! I'm going to enter, too. I think.

If we can get them started up here soon, two months should be enough time to get submissions in. :meow: What do you guys think!? Awesome, right!? :D
I ended up choosing two admins :XD: Though, I would announce it now, but I'm getting to bed. I'm way behind on life and my job has kept me working over because we can't seem to keep people. They keep hiring lazies. Tomorrow is my night off (yeah, I work nights. lol So, my scheduling is weird), so I should be able to make the announcement tomorrow. Hopefully. I have my fingers crossed. lol

More Journal Entries


Here are our admins and they're in charge. :D
These guys are the ones who vote on the artwork and members coming in. They ensure that nothing goes amiss here. If you have any suggestions or concerns, they are the ones you should contact.

The Sovereign of the Realm


Second In Command


The Royal Advisers


The Generals



Here are other groups that may catch your interest and certainly deserve checking out. :heart:

Please visit their artists and galleries as well! :aww:

:bulletgreen: Affiliation Requests are open.


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